Kerasoft Lenses

Kerasoft Lenses


What are Kerasoft Lenses?

Kerasoft lenses epitomise cutting-edge vision correction technology, featuring advanced optical design and precision for heightened clarity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these lenses prioritise comfort while offering users optimal visual acuity and a superior experience in vision correction.

Precision Vision, centrally located in London, is a leading provider of personalised visual rehabilitation solutions for the sufferers of Keratoconus. Emphasising quality over quantity, our centre ensures tailored care for each patient, utilising Kerasoft lenses in eye surgeries to provide unparalleled precision and clarity, offering a liberating alternative to traditional glasses.

Surgery Prices starting from just £89.58 per eye/month.

with a £250 deposit for 24 months

About kerasoft Lenses

About Kerasoft Lenses Benefits

Kerasoft lenses have transformed the lives of Keratoconus sufferers and long time wearers of hard rigid or gas permeable lenses.

Sufferers of Keratoconus progress from glasses to various types of contact lenses and eventually have no other option but to wear rigid or gas permeable lenses after other visual aids become unusable. These lenses restrict oxygen entering the eye and can be difficult to tolerate. They do not allow for practical use in certain environments or for extended periods of time, meaning that for the rest of the day, the sufferer’s sight is impaired.

Kerasoft lenses have been made to allow greater oxygen transmission through the lens than traditional soft contact lenses thus reducing the chance of dryness. This unique design enables patients to wear these lenses comfortably for extended periods of time and return back to a normal life.

The Kerasoft lens is a specially designed and fully customisable to fit each individual eye as it uniquely drapes over the cornea. They can be fitted to any cornea and even after surgical procedures.

Precision Vision is the only independent refractive clinic whose consultants have been trained on how to fit the Kerasoft lenses and provide a range of treatments for Keratoconus all done under the same roof.

Visual solution for sufferers of Keratoconus
Ideal for patients that are intolerant to hard, rigid or gas permeable lenses
Each lens is uniquely tailored to each eye
Provides comfortable long wear use for irregular corneas
Can be worn a few weeks after Collagen Cross Linking allowing patients to quickly return back to normal life and driving within 5 to 10 days
Can be worn during the interim period from Collagen Cross Linking treatment to vision correction treatment
A convenient and comfortable form of visual correction

At Precision Vision we understand the difficulties that are caused by visual impairment and are committed to providing our patients with a total visual rehabilitation programme that is conducted all under one roof, making the entire experience more comfortable and convenient.

Your 4 step Treatment Plan

Our approach revolves around prioritising your optimal well-being.

Prior to your consultation

Your first point of contact will be with Precision Vision’s highly trained and knowledgeable patient coordinators.


On the day of your treatment, our clinical team will guide you through the process and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Eye Surgery


At Precision Vision, we believe that it is essential to be selective to ensure that every patient has the best treatment to suit their visual and lifestyle needs which is why determining suitability is incredibly important.


Your aftercare begins immediately after treatment when you are taken to the recovery room to relax and, when you are ready to leave, our specialist nurse will examine you before you go home.

Why choose Precision Vision for Kerasoft Lenses Surgery

Top-notch Treatments

Our clinic takes pride in delivering bespoke, tailor-made lenses meticulously designed to address the visual impairments arising from corneal abnormalities. These uniquely crafted lenses showcase versatility, seamlessly adapting to accommodate various corneal shapes. We understand the intricacies of individual needs, and our commitment lies in providing custom solutions that ensure optimal comfort and precise correction for every patient with corneal irregularities. Trust us to deliver lenses that are not only specialised but also adaptable, offering unparalleled visual clarity and comfort tailored to your specific requirements.

Exceptional Surgeons

Dr. CT Pillai, Precision Vision's esteemed Medical Director and lead surgeon, stands as a rare and distinguished professional in the country, holding dual fellowships in corneal and refractive surgery. With an impressive track record spanning over 30 years as an ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Pillai's expertise in the realm of corneal abnormalities is in high demand. His unique combination of qualifications and extensive experience positions him as a sought-after authority in the field, ensuring that patients at Precision Vision receive the highest level of care and innovation under his capable leadership.

Premium Service

At Precision Vision, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care and consistently exceeding expectations for all our patients. As part of our commitment to convenience, we offer specialised fitting services, meticulously crafting your perfect lens. Our expert team not only provides precision in lens creation but also guides you through the proper techniques for insertion and removal. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, ensuring that every aspect of your experience with Precision Vision reflects our unwavering dedication to exceptional care and outstanding results.

Kerasoft Lenses FAQ's

What are Kerasoft lenses?

Kerasoft lenses are soft contact lenses specifically designed for irregular corneas, such as those with keratoconus or post-surgical corneal irregularities. They are made of a highly oxygen-permeable material for enhanced comfort and visual clarity.

How do Kerasoft lenses differ from regular contact lenses?

Unlike regular contact lenses, Kerasoft lenses are custom-made to fit irregular corneas, providing better comfort and visual correction for conditions like keratoconus.

Who can benefit from wearing Kerasoft lenses?

Individuals with irregular corneas due to conditions like keratoconus, corneal grafts, or corneal scarring can benefit from wearing Kerasoft lenses to improve vision and comfort.

Are Kerasoft lenses comfortable to wear?

Yes, Kerasoft lenses are designed for comfort. They are made of a soft, breathable material that allows oxygen to reach the eyes, reducing the risk of discomfort associated with prolonged wear.

How are Kerasoft lenses fitted?

Kerasoft lenses are fitted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist who specialises in contact lenses for irregular corneas. The fitting process involves taking precise measurements of the cornea to ensure the lenses provide optimal fit and vision correction.

Can Kerasoft lenses correct all vision problems associated with irregular corneas?

While Kerasoft lenses can significantly improve vision for many individuals with irregular corneas, they may not completely eliminate all vision problems. However, they often provide better visual acuity and comfort compared to other options.

How long do Kerasoft lenses last?

The lifespan of Kerasoft lenses varies depending on factors such as wear schedule and care practices. With proper care, they can last several months before requiring replacement.

Can I wear Kerasoft lenses if I have dry eyes?

Individuals with dry eyes may still be able to wear Kerasoft lenses, as they are made of a material that allows oxygen to reach the eyes and maintain moisture. However, it's important to discuss any concerns with our eye care professional.

Are there any risks associated with wearing Kerasoft lenses?

While Kerasoft lenses are generally safe, there are some risks associated with wearing any contact lenses, such as infection or irritation. It's essential to follow proper hygiene and care instructions provided by your eye care professional to minimise these risks.