No longer seeing with perfect vision?

No longer seeing with perfect vision?

It has been a while since your treatment with Advanced Vision Care and we hope that you are still pleased with the results. However, as you were informed prior to surgery, laser treatment is long lasting but not permanent as there is nothing that can stop the ageing of your eyes which can cause a host of issues, hence it is extremely important that you regularly check on the health of your eyes as you get older.

You may be noticing that you are no longer enjoying perfect natural vision and that you are struggling with near/reading vision. This could be due to the natural ageing of the eye causing a condition known as presbyopia. Presbyopia eventually affects everyone over the age of 40, as the crystalline lens of the eye ages it loses flexibility causing an inability to accommodate the vision to focus on near objects. This condition is progressive and will result in the need for reading, bifocal or varifocal glasses of increasing dioptres as the presbyopia worsens over time.

If you are noticing that there is a general reduction in the quality of your vision at all distances this could be due to the development of a cataract, which causes the crystalline lens to become cloudy. The more advanced a cataract, the denser it becomes, this obstructs the light from entering the eye which not only affects the quality of vision but also makes the world seem less colourful. The natural progression of a cataract if left untreated is to deteriorate vision until blindness occurs, which is why it is considered by the World Health Organisation as the top reason for blindness across the world. Despite common misconceptions, studies have shown that it is completely safe for cataracts to be removed from the moment of diagnosis as it will stop further deterioration.


As you have already had vision correction treatment it means that you may not be suitable for a further laser procedure, however there is a solution that will help irrelevant of whether you have had surgery before or if you have presbyopia or cataracts. Lens Replacement/Cataract treatments do not involve

modification to the cornea meaning that anyone that has had a vision correction procedure in the past will be suitable. Instead these treatments involve the replacement of the natural lens, meaning that the effects are not only permanent but also eliminates the possibility of developing cataracts in the future.

There are different type of lenses available for these procedures; Monofocal lenses (only corrects distance vision – available on the NHS) and Multifocal lenses (corrects multiple points of vision – only available privately). The most popular form of Multifocal lenses are Trifocal lenses which are designed to correct all fields of vision simultaneously using layered concentric circles fixing each prescription issue with each layer, consequently removing the need for glasses and contact lenses. As Precision Vision are not affiliated with any lens manufacturers, we are one of the few clinics in the country that can provide patients with the best lens suited to their needs.

To achieve the best results and the fastest recovery times, it is essential that patients not only get the best care but also receive treatment from our world class surgeons using the best technology available in the country. Precision Vision have always been at the forefront of the vision correction industry and now with our most recent additions to our high tech facilities, we are proud to say that we house the most advanced surgical theatres in the UK.

Treatment Cost
At Precision Vision we believe in honest and transparent pricing which is why our pricing system is easy to understand and there are no hidden costs. The treatment price will depend on whether you have an astigmatism and if there is an astigmatism present you may be found suitable for a Toric lens.

• Cataract/Lens Replacement with Trifocal lens – £3750 per eye
• Cataract/Lens Replacement with Trifocal lens for those with an astigmatism – £4050 per eye

At Precision Vision we understand the importance of flexibility which is why our finance plans are all completely flexible, allowing for a larger deposit to be paid to reduce the monthly repayments and there are no penalties when paying it off early. We have a range of interest free and interest bearing finance plans to suit everyone’s needs.

Special Offer
Prior to treatment you were informed of the benefits of laser treatment and that there is nothing to prevent natural ageing of the eye…other than time. Now that it has been a while since your surgery, it is likely that you have developed presbyopia or cataracts and you may now be the perfect candidate for LR/Cataract surgery. These treatments are an ideal solution that can help you achieve your dream of perfect natural vision permanently.
Having trusted us to perform your previous surgery and as a valuable member of the Precision Vision Community we wanted to offer you the exclusive opportunity to have a FREE consultation, normally worth £200 and a voucher for £500 off this incredible life changing treatment.

* Terms and conditions apply:
• The offer is only for Precision Vision patients that have had treatment.
• This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, finance or insurance payments.
• This offer excludes access to Precision Vision independent optometrist network. All post-operative checks will be paid at a rate of £35 per visit directly to your practice.