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Implantable Contact Lens

Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

What is an Implantable Contact Lens?

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs) revolutionise vision correction by discreetly residing within the eye, positioned between the iris and natural lens to enhance visual clarity. Crafted from biocompatible materials like Collamer, a blend of collagen and polymer, ICLs seamlessly integrate with the eye’s structure, making them ideal for those with high prescriptions or thin corneas.

Unlike traditional contact lenses, ICLs remain hidden and offer a virtually invisible solution. The reversible nature of ICL procedures ensures no permanent corneal alterations, providing adaptability for future adjustments. Overall, ICLs offer a sophisticated and flexible vision correction option with improved acuity and minimal impact on eye anatomy.

Implantable Contact Lens Prices starting from just £89.58 per eye/month.

with a £1250 deposit for 24 months

About Implantable Contact Lens

What is ICL Treatment Suitability of ICL Contraindications of ICL

What is Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) treatment?

Welcome to Precision Vision, the trailblasers in EVO Visian ICL, the safest and most advanced form of implantable contact lens (ICL) treatment. Our commitment to providing the highest standard of care is evident in the EVO Visian ICL, an FDA-approved solution with a proven safety record that sets it apart from other treatments.

While commonly referred to as an Implantable Contact Lens (ICL), the EVO Visian ICL is officially known as an Implantable Collamer Lens. This innovative lens, resembling a micro-thin contact lens, is delicately positioned inside the eye, just behind the iris. Crafted from Collamer—a technologically advanced, 100% biocompatible lens material with a collagen base—it seamlessly harmonises with your natural eye.

Consider EVO Visian ICL as the optimal alternative to Laser Eye Surgery, especially for individuals with dry eyes, thin corneas, or very high prescriptions. With over 1 million Collamer lenses successfully implanted, EVO Visian ICLs effectively function as permanent contact lenses without any risk of rejection by the human body. Its track record speaks for itself, as EVO Visian ICL treatment has been FDA approved in the US since 2005 and received European approval in 1997.

Over 1 million eyes have benefited from EVO Visian ICLs, boasting a remarkable patient satisfaction rate of 99%. Notably, the US military has endorsed EVO Visian ICL for their personnel, citing “excellent visual and refractive results.” Rigorous monitoring, even in combat conditions, demonstrated outstanding vision quality and stability of the lens inside the eye.

At Precision Vision, we take pride in our pioneering achievements, such as our Medical Director, Dr CT Pillai was the lead in the surgical team which implanted the first hyperopic astigmatic ICL in the UK and corrected the vision of an extremely myopic patient (-23D). Join us on the forefront of vision enhancement with EVO Visian ICLs, where safety, innovation, and exceptional results converge.

Suitability of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

Unlock clear vision with EVO Visian ICL, the premier choice for Ages 21 to 45 experiencing unprecedented growth. This revolutionary solution is rapidly gaining popularity, especially for those seeking an alternative to laser treatments due to factors like high prescriptions, thin corneas, or dry eye syndrome.

EVO Visian ICL emerges as the optimal choice, ensuring effective vision correction where other options fall short. Ideal for patients with diverse needs, EVO Visian ICL is a game-changer for those with conditions such as Keratoconus. Whether patients have undergone Cross-Linking treatment or the disease has naturally stabilised, EVO Visian ICL proves to be a valuable solution.

Choose EVO Visian ICL over traditional laser surgery for its unique advantages. Unlike procedures that permanently modify the cornea and may lead to dry eye, EVO Visian ICL involves the insertion of an invisible lens behind the iris. This reversible procedure provides clarity without the concerns associated with permanent corneal alterations.

At Precision Vision, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for your vision needs. Explore the benefits of EVO Visian ICL and discover a treatment that prioritizes effectiveness, reversibility, and invisibility for a clearer and more comfortable visual journey.

To be potentially suitable you must be:

Aged between 21 and 45
Within the following prescription range: Between -24 DS (short sight) and +11 DS (long sight), with up to -6 DC (astigmatism)
With a prescription that has not changed for at least 12 months
Healthy eyes, which must lack any significant eye disease like glaucoma
Good general health
Not allergic to the anaesthetic eye drops which will be used during the surgery

Contraindications of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

Precision Vision: Your Trusted Source for Ethical and Safe Vision Correction

At Precision Vision, our commitment to vision correction is unwavering, guided by a passion for enhancing sight for as many individuals as possible. It’s important to note that while we are dedicated to transforming lives through vision correction, we do not offer experimental treatments or perform surgeries on individuals with conditions that compromise the safety and ethics of treatment.

What sets Precision Vision apart is our unparalleled surgical team, recognised as the best in the UK. Our collective expertise in non-laser treatments is unmatched, allowing us to tackle vision challenges that others may turn away. We take pride in our ability to extend our services to those who may have faced rejection from other clinics.

Explore the possibilities with Precision Vision and experience the highest standard of care. Book a consultation now to discover how our expertise, combined with state-of-the-art treatments like implantable contact lenses, can perfect your sight and elevate your quality of life. Trust Precision Vision for ethical, safe, and effective vision correction tailored to your individual needs.

Common reasons patients are found unsuitable for treatment include:

Under the age of 21 – Your eyes might still be growing if you are younger than this age, having EVO Visian ICL surgery could lead you to later develop eyesight-related complications.
Over the age of 45 – As this treatment does not correct reading prescriptions (presbyopia) it is not ideal for those over the age of 45 given this is the age when presbyopia starts to develop.
Unstable prescription: Those whose prescriptions have changed significantly in the past year should wait until their vision stabilises
Specific medications – You would be ruled out for EVO Visian ICL surgery at our London clinic if you are taking immunosuppressant drugs.
Certain medical conditions – These include diabetes, herpes virus or hepatitis C. You would also be exempt from treatment if you suffer from certain autoimmune diseases.
Previous instance of serious eye trauma or retinal detachment.
You would be ineligible for treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Implantable Contact Lens Treatment

ICL Surgery Benefits of ICL Surgery ICL Treatment Process

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Surgery

Welcome to Precision Vision, where we specialise in enhancing your vision through cutting-edge technology. Our implantable contact lens (ICL) services feature state-of-the-art EVO Visian lenses, discreetly nestled between the iris and the natural crystalline lens.

Unlike traditional visible lenses, EVO Visian ICLs revolutionise your vision without a trace. Functioning similarly to glasses and contact lenses, EVO Visian ICLs alter the way light converges on the retina. The result? Crisper, clearer vision that introduces a new level of depth and dimension to your visual experience. Our advanced EVO Visian ICLs are the optimal solution for individuals deemed unsuitable for laser treatment, be it due to their prescription complexity or corneal thickness.

This reversible procedure effectively addresses moderate to severe prescriptions, offering a compelling alternative to laser treatments without making permanent changes to the cornea.

Choose Precision Vision for a transformative vision enhancement experience. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that you receive the best care possible. Explore the world of implantable contact lenses and discover a clearer, sharper vision with EVO Visian ICLs.

Benefits of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery

Does not induce dry eye syndrome
Sharp, clear vision
Excellent night vision
Does not affect the cornea and is great for those with thin corneas
UV protection is built into the biocompatible lens
A typically quick, 20-30 minute or less procedure and most people are able to resume daily activities in just a few short days with clearer vision
Treats a wide prescription range
EVO Visian ICL is invisible, undetectable and does not change the colour of the eye
One ICL is implanted every 8 minutes worldwide.
Over 1 million eyes have been implanted with EVO Visian ICLs by certified, specialised surgeons
99% patient satisfaction rate

Experience Peace of Mind with Removable EVO Visian ICLs

Discover the exceptional advantages of EVO Visian ICLs at Precision Vision, where we prioritise your vision and well-being. Our implantable contact lenses offer permanent vision correction without any removal of natural tissue during the procedure. What sets EVO Visian ICL apart is its complete reversibility, ensuring flexibility for your future needs. In the unlikely event that removal becomes necessary or desired, simply consult our clinic for personalised guidance.

Harmony with Your Natural Eye for Optimal Health and Wellness

EVO Visian ICLs cater to those who prioritise health and wellness, offering a lens material with a Collamer base that is inherently biocompatible. This design ensures seamless integration with your natural eye, as the surrounding eye tissue readily accepts the lens, avoiding any identification as a foreign body.

Choose EVO Visian ICLs for a harmonious solution that aligns with your eye’s natural state, promoting optimal eye health and overall well-being. Experience the blend of advanced technology and natural compatibility with EVO Visian ICLs at Precision Vision, setting a new standard for implantable contact lenses.

ICL Treatment Process

When arriving at the clinic on the day of surgery our friendly and experienced clinical team will guide you through every step of the way.

Generally both eyes are treated on the same day, there are certain exceptions, however this is at the discretion of the surgeon. We opt for treating both eyes on the same day to minimise the visual imbalance and discomfort caused by operating on one eye at a time.

Doing this minimises the upheaval for our patients post-operatively and reduces recovery times.

Anaesthetic drops will be used to numb the eye. We don’t use needles.
A sedative is given and the pupil is dilated using drops.
A self-sealing micro- incision is made at the edge of the cornea.
For hyperopic (long sighted) patients an iridectomy will be required. This is where two small holes are made in the iris using a laser.
The folded tailor-made lens is inserted in front of the natural lens.
As the micro-incision is self-sealing there is no need for stitches.
Our specialist nurse will go through the precautions and medications that are needed before being discharged.
Your aftercare will begin the next day with a check-up for the treated eye.
ICL Treatment Process

On the day of EVO Visian ICL implantation, you will be provided with an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and hydrating drops. You will be advised when to take the drops.


About Lenses Types of Lenses

About Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

Welcome to Precision Vision, your premier destination for cutting-edge vision correction with exclusive use of the advanced EVO Visian ICLs. Crafted from biocompatible Collamer, a blend of collagen and copolymer material, these lenses, also known as phakic intraocular lenses (IOLs), are implanted into the eye without altering the natural lens.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology is evident in the EVO Visian ICLs we use. The latest design, the Visian V4C lens with Centraflow technology, represents a pinnacle in innovation. This design not only enhances the safety of the treatment but also reduces procedure time, offering you a more efficient and secure experience.

Recent research conducted by Alfonso et al. underscores the superiority of the latest EVO Visian ICL model. The study reveals a lower incidence of anterior capsular opacities, highlighting the improved vaulting of the lens and its commitment to safety.

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

What sets EVO Visian ICL apart is its revolutionary central aquaport, eliminating the need for iridectomy, a procedure involving the creation of a tiny hole in the iris. This breakthrough ensures stable intraocular pressure while preserving the quality of vision. Currently available for myopic patients, this advancement is a game-changer, offering unparalleled comfort and effectiveness.

Trust Precision Vision for a seamless vision correction journey with the latest EVO Visian ICLs. Experience the epitome of safety, innovation, and quality in implantable contact lenses tailored to meet your unique needs.

Types of Lenses

There are different EVO Visian ICLs available to correct a range of prescriptions for distant vision:

Simple Lens: For long sight or short sight
Myopic Toric Lens: For short-sight with astigmatism
Hyperopic Toric Lens: For long-sight with astigmatism

Our Implantable Contact Lens treatment focuses on correcting the distance field of vision, providing unparalleled clarity. It’s important to note that this specific treatment doesn’t address or prevent presbyopia—a reading prescription resulting from the natural aging of the eye. In the case of presbyopia development, reading glasses become necessary, and alternative treatments, such as Lens Replacement treatment, may be more suitable for the patient. Lens Replacement treatment corrects multiple points of vision, including distant, near, and intermediate, offering a comprehensive solution.

For patients who have undergone Implantable Contact Lens surgery and wish to explore a more extensive vision correction, the process is seamless. The lenses can be easily removed, allowing for the placement of a new lens in the lens capsule. This innovative approach corrects all visual fields, liberating you from the need for glasses and contact lenses.

Experience the precision of our implantable contact lens treatment at Precision Vision. Discover the clarity of distance vision and explore additional options for comprehensive visual correction tailored to your unique needs. Say goodbye to visual limitations and embrace a life free from the constraints of glasses and contact lenses.


VERION Image Guided System Centurion Vision System Lux-OR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope

VERION Image Guided System

This technology captures a digital reference image of the eye during the initial assessment, aiding in the creation of a surgical plan. It continues to be utilised throughout the treatment, providing real-time visibility of incisions and alignments to enhance accuracy and minimise errors, particularly during the correction of astigmatism.

VERION Image Guided System

Centurion Vision System

Precision Vision is the first clinic in the UK to acquire this equipment, enabling smaller incisions and optimal management of each stage of lens insertion. The device regulates intraocular pressure throughout the treatment, providing enhanced control for the surgeon, thereby improving patient outcomes and expediting the recovery process.

Centurion Vision System

Lux-OR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope

Crafted to offer superior visualisation during surgical procedures, this microscope can expand the visual field, featuring a highly stable, 6x greater red reflex zone for excellent visual detail and enhanced visualization of the retina.

Lux-OR LX3 with Q-VUE Ophthalmic Microscope

Your 4 step Treatment Plan

Our approach revolves around prioritising your optimal well-being.

Prior to your consultation

Your first point of contact will be with Precision Vision’s highly trained and knowledgeable patient coordinators.


On the day of your treatment, our clinical team will guide you through the process and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Eye Surgery


At Precision Vision, we believe that it is essential to be selective to ensure that every patient has the best treatment to suit their visual and lifestyle needs which is why determining suitability is incredibly important.


Your aftercare begins immediately after treatment when you are taken to the recovery room to relax and, when you are ready to leave, our specialist nurse will examine you before you go home.

Implantable Contact Lens Price Guide

Implantable Contact Lens Price

Consultation Fee – £300

This deposit is taken at the time of booking and is non-refundable

Simple Lens – £3400 per eye

Distance correction without astigmatism.

Myopic Specialist Lens – £3950 per eye

Distance correction for short-sighted patients that have an astigmatism

Hyperopic Specialist Lens – £4150 per eye

Distance correction for long-sighted patients that have an astigmatism

The type of lens a patient is suitable for is dependent on whether there is an astigmatism present and the results of the consultation. A deposit of £1250 per eye is required when reserving treatment and is deducted from the final cost.

Once the aftercare program has been completed, you will be discharged, however, it is recommended that annual check-ups are attended.

Precision Vision’s Gold Standard ICL Treatment Package includes:

A fully comprehensive consultation with Precision Vision’s expert team – including essential eye tests, health checks, dilation, biometry and topographic mapping.
The opportunity to speak to Precision Vision’s Medical Director and your treating surgeon prior to surgery, for extra peace of mind.
A personalised treatment plan tailored to your visual and lifestyle needs.
All inclusive 12 month aftercare program.
24-hour post treatment telephone access to Precision Vision’s expert team.
All post-operative medication is provided for 1 month after surgery.
Laser fine tuning (if necessary) is included for 12 months.
Access to the UK’s largest independent optometrist network for post-operative care.
All treatments are conducted in the Alcon Refractive Suite, using the most advanced and safest technology in the country.

Why choose Precision Vision for Implantable Contact Lens?

Top-notch Treatments

As a prominent provider of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) treatment in the UK and Ireland, we consistently lead in the number of lenses implanted each year. Pioneering advancements, we proudly stand as the first clinic in the UK to feature the cutting-edge Alcon Refractive Suite technology in lens implant treatments.

Exceptional Surgeons

Our non-laser surgeons at Precision Vision are trailblasers in the field of Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) surgery and technology.

Premium Service

Facilitating accessibility to top-tier treatment, At Precision Vision our commitment to truly personalised treatments sets us apart, as we operate independently without affiliations to lens manufacturers or paid consultants. This independence allows us to select and utilise the most suitable lenses tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Implantable Contact Lens Treatment FAQ's

Who can have ICL treatment?

EVO Visian ICL is the treatment of choice for those patients between the ages of 21 to 45 who are not ideal candidates for laser eye surgery due to high prescriptions, thin corneas, dry eye syndrome or other reasons. It can also be used to help patients suffering from Keratoconus who have had cross-linking treatment or where the disease has stabilised.

Is ICL treatment safe?

EVO Visian ICL treatments have been performed for over 20 years and more than 900,000 ICL procedures have been conducted successfully worldwide. Prior to being available, ICL lenses were subjected to extensive research and development. They have been approved in Europe since 1997 and FDA approved in the US since 2005.

The US military regularly implant EVO Visian ICL for their servicemen/women and have been monitoring the results. Their study concluded that EVO Visian ICL provides “excellent visual and refractive results”. The study showed excellent vision quality and stability of the lens inside the eye, even in combat. The treatment has shown to be an effective, safe, predictable and stable way to correct high and low levels of short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

As with any procedure, safety is not only dictated by the technology used but also by the surgeon performing the treatment. Precision Vision surgeons are internationally-renowned surgeons and recognised experts in the field of lens treatments and teach other surgeons how to perform this procedure.

What prescriptions can be corrected with ICL?

Implantable Contact Lenses are suitable for a wide range of prescriptions from -23D to +11 with astigmatism up to 6D. Precision Vision has made history by being the first clinic in the UK to treat an astigmatic hyperope (a long-sighted individual with a high prescription and significant astigmatism).

EVO Visian ICL is the standardised treatment for higher prescriptions and is recommended by the American Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and the European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS).

What is the ICL implant made of?

The EVO Visian ICL is made of Collamer, a highly biocompatible advanced lens material which contains a small amount of purified collagen. Collamer does not cause a reaction inside the eye and contains an ultraviolet blocker that protects the eye.

Is there a chance my body will reject it?

There is no chance of rejection as the EVO Visian ICL is made of a Collamer material that is completely biocompatible with the body’s natural chemistry.

How long will the ICL implant last?

The EVO Visian ICL implant is designed to remain inside the eye indefinitely. It can be thought of as a permanent contact lens that is maintenance free. However, the lens can be removed at any time in the future should it be necessary.

What is the difference between ICL implants and IOL implants?

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) are often referred to as a phakic IOLs meaning a lens is implanted into an eye with the natural lens in place. An Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) replaces the natural crystalline lens and is used to treat patients aged 45+ that require reading glasses (presbyopia) or have cataracts.

Do ICL implants look like contact lenses?

EVO Visian ICL lenses are much smaller than a contact lens and they are implanted behind the iris (the coloured part of the eye) and they are not visible to those looking at you. Given the location of the implanted lens, it will remain permanently in place and cannot be felt.

Can the ICL be felt once it is in place?

No, you cannot feel the lens.

Can the ICL be removed?

The advantage of the EVO Visian ICL is that it can permanently correct your vision, yet no natural tissue is removed in any way during the procedure. If for the unlikely reason you need or wish to remove your EVO Visian ICLs in the future, it can be done.

How long does ICL surgery take?

After attending the consultation, tailor-made lenses are ordered from the manufacturer. Lenses sometimes can take up to 4 to 8 weeks to be manufactured and sent to our clinic.

Once the lenses have arrived the procedure will take approximately 30 minutes per eye and we will treat each eye on two consecutive days, meaning that the amount of time spent with one eye uncorrected is minimised, allowing for a faster recovery.

Is there any pain?

Anaesthetic drops are applied to numb the eye meaning that nothing is felt throughout the treatment. The drops wear off without any side effects soon after the procedure is finished.

How soon will you be able to see after the surgery?

Visual improvement is noticeable almost immediately after treatment and patients can see 90-95 % better within two to three days following treatment.

What do you need to do after treatment?

Patients are required to attend regular aftercare appointments the first year after treatment; these are included in the cost of your treatment. There is no other maintenance required but we recommend having an eye examination every 2 years at the Precision Vision clinic or with a qualified person in the field.

What happens if you develop a cataract in the future?

ICL surgery does not prevent or slow down cataract formation. However, if a cataract operation is required, the EVO Visian ICL implants can be safely removed and normal cataract surgery can be performed.

Why is ICL surgery more expensive than laser treatment?

Every EVO Visian ICL implant is customised to each individual’s prescription and the lens is tailor-made. The procedure requires more extensive preoperative assessments, measurements and calculations. There is also a larger surgical team required for the procedure.

Can you have ICL treatment if you have had Laser surgery?

Laser surgery permanently modifies the cornea and, as ICL treatment does not affect the cornea, it is possible to have EVO Visian ICL after Laser treatment.